Distinctive Elements Of Our concertina Razor Wire and Steel Fence

razor barbed wire models are complete, including BTO-10, BTO-12, BTO-18, BTO-22, BTO-30, CBT-60, CBT-65, among which, BTO-22 is the most commonly used

available in stainless steel or galvanized steel sheet as raw material, can be made into straight line razor wire, welded razor mesh, flat wrap razor wire, crossed concertina coils and other shapes.

concertina razor barbed wire can be used in combination of upper and lower parts of various security fencing, such as top rail chain link fence or palisade fencing Y steel post installed, widely used in military, border defense, prisons and other protected areas.

Straight Line Razor Wire

CBT 65 razor wire in straight lengths,galvanized razor wire (3.6kg/roll) #CBT-65,450mm diameter and 28 rings, straight length 46.5 mt per roll after pull open.
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Flat Wrap Razor Wire

Flat wrap razor wire,razor ribbon helical, both galvanized & stainless steel, 18 in, 41 loops,flat wrap, both galvanized & stainless steel, 500mm (20 in.)
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Crossed Concertina Wire

Crossed Spiral Concertina Coil of 450 mm diameter (72 coils/rolls) ,BTO-22 galvanized military concertina razor wire fence cross concertina wire.
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Razor Wire Chain Link Fence

placing razor wire on top of a chain link fence on the back of the property. razor wire rolls, barb length( 28 mm),chain link fence, wire diameter (2.5 mm),security chain link fencing with razor wire for a 23000ft perimeter.
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razor wire prison fence

Prison mesh fencing system 2.40m high installed with y posts , pvc coated mesh 50x100x4 mm and concertina razor wire ribbons,citadel high fence material 358 mesh system complete with all accessories including razor barbed tape.
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Razor Wire Palisade Fence

Hot deep galvanise steel palisade fence: 2.40m high+0.5m barb arm,600mm dia top cconcertina razor tape: ss (316 grade) razor tape -BTO 22. corewire ss, 60x60x6mm "V" type barb arm with 6 rows pvc coated gi barbed wire grey.
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Single Twist Barbed Wire

Barbed obstacle tape shall be single-coil with 0.098 inch diameter stainless steel core wire, 30 inch diameter, core wire fabricated from spring quality stainless steel. stainless steel concertina razer tape 750mm dia.
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Double Twist Barbed Wire

Twist method: double twist.finish: hot dipped galvanised.barbed length: 22mm.colour: silver.razor barbed type: cross razor.barbed distance: 6".specification: wire gauge (swg) 12# x 12#.coil oitide diameter: 700mm .length: 10m - 12m roll
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Traditional Twist Barbed Wire

Traditional twisted, positive / straight twisted, reverse / negative twisted. strands can be single or double. barbed wire 2.5 mm, barbed length :20 mm double strand.4 points barbs at every 75mm.12x12 in BWG, barb spacing: 6.0617 mm
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